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ShrinkEarn & Ad Networks & Earnings from them August 16, 2020  

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Shrinkearn & Clk is a popular url shortener, that is never struggling to monetise its links well, as the owner seems to be an expert with ad networks.


Simple ads over the two pages:

Galaksion Native x2 - $1.6 (CPM, CPC, CPA, RPM)

AdTrue x1 - $0.3 (CPM)

Moneytizer x1 - $0.3 (CPM)

PropellerAds x2 - $0.8 (CPM)

m10 x2 - $2 (CPA, CPM)


RPM - Earnings from Clicks and CPM in ad networks altogether per 1000 impressions.

CPM - Earnings from just views and no clicks per 1000 impressions

CPC - Earnings for 1 click

CPA - Earnings when someone completes an action such as a signup.