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mrlnk Ad Networks & Earnings from them August 16th, 2020  

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mrlnk is a very new url shortener, that I do not know much about, but it seems, that it is working quite well. Lets check out their monetisation!

1st Page:

PopUps x2 (most likely adsterra and propellerads) - $0.5 (CPM)

mgid banners (group of 3) - $0.5 (RPM/CPC)

AdsTerra banner x1 - $0.1 (CPM/CPA)


2nd Page:

!Fake download button! - $0.3 (CPC)

!Redirect! - $0.5 (CPM)

PopUp from Galaksion x1 - $0.15

PopUp from PropellerAds x1 - $0.25


Based on this information, it can be assumed that this site earns about $2.3 worldwide, while It gives $1.5 to its users.



RPM - Earnings from Clicks and CPM in ad networks altogether per 1000 impressions.

CPM - Earnings from just views and no clicks per 1000 impressions

CPC - Earnings for 1 click

CPA - Earnings when someone completes an action such as a signup.