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How to earn money from my links shortened with a URL Shortener? What is this online business about and how exactly we earn from it? URL Shorteners (EXPLAINED)  

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Article by: @v1j1key

  This article will provide you information about how to earn with those URL Shorteners. They pay you money to shorten links with them and bring visitors/clicks to those links. If you can't bring clicks or visitors to the links, then you can earn from the referral program of each program, by referring new people who register on the shortener and start earning. So this article is explaining the two ways to earn with URL shorteners 1. by bringing visitors to your short links or 2. by referring new people who register on the shortener.


     Now on the topic, when you post links in the forums or twitter, facebook, or other social platforms, usually somebody follows those links. They do that by clicking on the links to see the content of the destination page, to get what they want and what you want to share with them. In this process you can earn some money, especially, if you post links to very valuable information.

The missing part here is how exactly to monetize those clicks and the answer is by using URL Shorteners, which will pay you for every visitor. How exactly will they pay you and when will the pay is also an important detail. The URL Shortener is a website, which provides you the ability to convert your links to new kind of links which will count every click and every visitor to that new link.

For example, you have a link to:, 

but if you post this link to the social platforms or in you own website, you will not get paid. If a person clicks on that link, he will open the content of the destination page, which is: 

Now, the URL Shorteners provides you with a way to convert that link to a new one, which will again lead the visitor to the same content in the same, but the link will look like that:

How that happens, it is simple! When you register at the URL Shortener and sign in/login, you will see a button which is usually called “shorten” or “shrink”.
You only need to copy and paste your link to a box in the URL Shortener and click on that “shorten” button.

And the MAGIC happens! When you hit that button, the URL Shortener generates you a new short version of your original link, which new link you must post on the social platforms. From now on, when a visitor clicks on that new short link, he will see page with some ads on it, that is how the URL Shortener gets its revenue and with part of the profit it pays you for every visitor that comes to that ad page. On that ad page there is also a button most commonly called “Proceed” or “Get link” which are somewhere under the ads or next to them. When the visitor click on that button, he will open the original link to the destination page. This is the original link, which you converted to a short link. That way you and the URL Shortener are happy, because you both were paid from the ads company, which provided the ads, but you actually take that money not directly from the company, but from the URL Shortener after he get paid.
     Basically, this is the concept of how the URL Shorteners earn and you earn from them:

  1. You have your own website or you know a good website with good content (movies, games, music, p0rn, software or anything else interesting for people)
  2. You copy the link (URL) to that movie or game or music or whatever you want to share to your friend. You know how to copy, just look in your browser address bar and copy that link.
  3. You register at one of the url shorteners which we use here and for which we shared a payment proof. The shorteners we use are legit and will pay you. Also if we use them then they are not only legit, but they are better than all other legit shorteners.
  4. You shorten (shrink) the URL you copied from the browser. To shorten the link means that you copy the URL (link) to the movie or game or music or whatever you want to share and paste it in the URL shortener TOOL. Then you will see a new generated link.
  5. Copy that new generated link and share it everywhere you think there are interested people to get the movie or game or music.
  6. Someone clicks on the short link you generated and shared, because he want's to get that movie or music or game so badly that he is ready to see some advertisements in exchange to get what he wants.
  7. He see a middle page before he reach the content he wants. On that page there are some advertisements, which the visitor must see and click and PROCEED or SKIP AD button to reach the movie or the music or the game.
  8. The visitor clicks on the PROCEED or SKIP AD button on that middle advertisement page to get what he wants.
  9. The click on that button is recorded in your URL shortener statistics and you receive some cents for that click. Remember, if the visitor close the browser window without click on the SKIP button, the click will not be recorded in your statistics and you will not be paid for that click. That is why you must share only really interesting content which people will want very very much and will be ready to click on the SKIP button. Use your brain to figure out what will be so interesting.


     And last, but not least, let’s not forget that the visitor actually gets the information he wants, but not directly, because first he must see some advertisements. It is the same as the TV advertisements  while you are watching a nice movie or a show. The TV channel shows you some advertisements from time to time while you watch, which doesn’t costs you nothing, but you have to watch them. At the end the TV channel gets money from the advertisement and they pay to those who work for them - reporters, journalists, show men, or other content creators on their channels. Hope I was clear enough, because I wanted this information to be quick for reading!



This way to make money with URL Shorteners is easier if you know people who have websites and want to make money from their content. You refer them to a URL shortener which you believe is good and legit and paying and then when these people register on the shortener and start making money, you will be paid a daily commission which is a % from their daily earnings. You will be paid every day until those people make money with the shortener. These are the steps:

  1. You register at a URL Shortener.
  2. You copy your unique referral link from the shortener. You will find your unique referral link in section REFERRAL after you login to the shortener.
  3. You give that referral link to a person who works with URL shorteners.
  4. That person clicks on your referral link to register at the shortener. When he clicks on your referral link he will see the URL shortener website, but his browser will also save a cookie, which helps the URL shortener to identify who referred that person.
  5. That person registers at the URL shortener. After he successfully registers you will see his username in your REFERRAL section in the URL Shortener. Some shorteners don't show usernames, instead they show their user IDs.
  6. That person start using the URL Shortener and starts making money from his shorted links.
  7. You are being paid a % from every click this person gets. So if this person gets 1 click today which brings him $0,002 you get a referral commission from that click. The % is different on the different URL Shorteners. Some shorteners give you 25% commission, so 25% of $,0.002  is = $0.0005. The % referral commission may get up to 40% to some shorteners or even more.

You can use our forum to make money referring the people here to new URL Shorteners. In our forum there are users with many visitors daily on their websites who already earn a lot from URL shorteners. You can post reviews of new URL Shorteners in our URL Shortener Reviews forum section. Please make reviews only of shorteners which are not already posted here. Your review will be deleted if it is duplicated and the shortener already has review in our forum.

     Please, post a comment down below, if you think I should edit or add something to that basic information. The idea is people to read and learn the concept fast, so they can continue to the next article.

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So how to get traffic sir from shortlink