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AdsTerra Social Bar REVIEW (Is this ad format a waste of time?!)  

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Since the peril of losing benefit because of one straightforward Google Chrome update has gotten excessively genuine, all the business is gradually adding the In-Page Push to the showcasing procedure.

Imagine a scenario where we reveal to you we have more to bring to the table. Extraordinary personalities think the same, and unquestionably their 'designers' thought of the In-Page Push advertisement design just like a number of others. Yet, for some reason they have additionally felt like making something more 'noteworthy'.

Check out Social Bar — a progressive promotion design by Adsterra, that is shown on distributers' sites, locally promising clients to connect. It doesn't need any advertisement space and uncovers extraordinary occasions to adapt sites and increment eCPM.

In my opinion, this format is absolute waste of time. I know most people will disagree, but I think the 'revolutionary' in page push system sucks too. Let me disclose to you my statistics with these two ad formats - the social bar from adsterra, and inpage push from propellerads:

Adsterra Social Bar (the table goes: site - format name - userID, impressions amount, eCPM, earnings) − SocialBar_1 − 1XXXX146 654     $0.003 $0.002

Did you see that? Their new 20-30x CTR (don't know how thats possible, I didnt get any clicks after multiple thousand views) format gives only $0.003 CPM. Is that possible? Am I able to read? This format is absolutely useless, and now I'm going to show you the inpage push from PropellerAds (known as best inPage provider)

PropellerAds InPage Push (the table goes: format name, impressions amount, eCPM, earnings)

Inpage Push 1500     $0.14 $0.21

It's definitely better, but these ads are pretty uninteresting and annoying, so I'm not going to shill out here for a couple of cents per 1k.

As you can see, the new super-revolutionary ads can bring you almost 1 cent per 1000 views. Isn't that great? Yeah no, I definitely don't recommend you this ad format.

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