TIPS to stop losing money from URL Shorteners!

Use only LEGIT URL shorteners!  If you don’t have enough traffic to ask for payment after 24 hours, don’t use shorteners, which doesn’t have feed back from publishers. And by feed back I mean at least a payment proof from the last 30 days. Why 30, because if you see...Read more

What is the BEST URL shortener?

     The most asked question among publishers! Well, I will be honest with you, there is no BEST one for all publishers. That’s right, as all publishers have different kind of traffic, so are the shorteners – different. It depends on your traffic, which countries is it coming from, what...Read more

Why LEGIT URL shorteners are turning into SCAM?

     Most legit URL shorteners eventually stop paying for some reasons, this is the time they turn into a SCAM. Why is that happening, well, there are few reasons: 1. Their adsense account is closed! If you see an URL shortener with adsense ads on their ad pages – RUN...Read more

How to know which URL Shortener is a SCAM?

     The best way to avoid SCAM shorteners is to know how to distinguish them, by using a few tips, which I’m going to share with you in this article. It would be also good for you to read the previous article about how the URL shorteners cheat their publishers...Read more

How the URL Shorteners cheat their publishers?

I decided to share some knowledge, which is really important and urgent for you, because you can start looking for evidence for cheating immediately. This article is more for the advanced publishers, because the beginners still have other questions to answer, like which shortener is the best, how to find...Read more