This article covers all the ad networks that either allow shorteners or are used by shorteners and if it would be a good choice for you/anyone who is starting up their own shortener. You can use all of these or simply pick out your few favs to add to your site. This article will though hopefully be kept quite simple and easy to understand even for the newbies.



Google’s popular ‘adsense’ ad network is definitely the highest paying, though not at all a good choice for link shorteners as it does have a habit of simply banning them for invalid traffic. This is why adsense is still used by them, even though they do know it is highly bannable. I would not recommend using it AT ALL, it is simply listed because of it’s popularity in the shortener scene. In the end, it receives a Shortener rating of 5



Adsterra is a not-so-popular scottish ad network which accepts shorteners as long as they have a premium tld (not .tk/.cf etc.). This network offers mostly popups and native ads, which are mostly clean and well-moderated. This network also offers a good cost-per-1kviews of $0.5-$5. This is higher than most networks and so is given a shortener rating of 8.5/10. Also, it pays fortnightly. Please note there have been reports of users not being paid, if their shorteners have faucet traffic.



AdMaven is actually one of the most popular in the faucet-accepting shortener industry as it has no manual review and not too many restrictions as to what people can/cannot do with their ads. They also offer the best push and popup ads with high rates, which normally hover from $0.8-$1.5 and can go up to $8! We would definitely recommend it and give it a shortener rating of 9.25.



PropellerAds is an even more popular than AdMaven in the industry, though it may be overrated as most ads are adult and need high alexa rank to even be unlocked. Although it may have some of these disadvantages, it is still overall a good montly paying network for shorteners. As well as offering good popups, it allows you to use 2 types of push ads. You can either pick pay-per-subscription, which pays you every time someone presses ‘allow’ in the notification box ($0.01 to $0.11 per sub) or based on every notif. sent. Overall this ad network will get a shortener rating of 8.



Popads is a pop and floating banner ad network famous mostly for its high rates and held down because of its adult ads. Even with it’s high rates averaging $0.3-$2, it’s held down even more by it’s hard-to-use, outdated, 1990s interface. Please note that, now, when this post is eing made, during the corona virus outbreak, the cpm has dropped to around $0.22 average. Though with it’s difficulties, it’s still good for shorteners and receives a Shortener rating of 8.



Popcash is an extremely simple lower-paying, made-for-beginners ad network offering ONLY pop ads allowing only 1 view per ip per 24 hours, resulting in an even worse rate. It’s average rates are only around $0.33. This is why it really only has two advantages. 1. easy to use 2. low minimum payout and daily payments. Shortener rating: 8



MellowAds is an american bitcoin ad network accepting only sites in the top 200,000 alexa rank. It’s minimum withdrawal is  Ƀ0.001  and it pays on a special ‘get paid on request basis’. This is great because with this network you can offer everyone on your shortener daily payments. It also has many choices between CPM, CPC and CPV. As it only allows the premium shorteners, it receives a Shortener rating of 7.5.

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