Want to earn money online using link shorteners?

Link shorteners are a great way to earn some extra cash. You know, maybe buy yourself a coffee at Starbucks or do anything, really. But now that you’ve found that perfect shortener with the high CPM and all, you’ll be confused asking yourself questions like “How do I get people to click these links? How do I actually earn?” Well, for the second question we already have an answer, but what about the first? In this article, one of the most popular methods for this will be covered in a  step-by-step manner.

1. Hosting & Domain

For a beginner, you may wish to choose some free hosting such as RF.gd, Byet.host or 000webhost, although premium choices such as NameCheap would be preferred. You will also need a domain. You may again want to go for a free registrar such as freenom but again it would be better going for a choice such as Namecheap’s $1 .xyz domain.

2. Template & Choosing The Right Shortener

Once you have finished setting up your hosting and domain, you will need to add the template. You may download here. This template requires no installation and simply needs to be extracted and uploaded onto your cPanel. You can then edit the URLs in the javascript and edit the text in the index file. During this step of editing the urls, you will have to actually search for accounts that are either found or cracked/make accounts to shorten using a Shortener. That brings us to a second problem, which Shortener should I choose? This was answered on our website already however I will simply recommend going on our forum, checking the threads and/or some Shorteners with payment proof, and reading through the replies to see if no publishers had problems. If so, you can most likely use it, although if the owner has an account it may be better to ask whether this type of site is available for use.

3. Traffic

This is the final and also hardest to complete part of starting your new professional account generator. You will have to use either social media or organic Google traffic to get your site boosted towards success. Once you obtain this traffic and complete the final step, your site will be on its way to ‘generate’ some or lots of income!

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