This article will tell you what kind of content most publishers of URL shorteners are using to generate clicks on their short links. You can use the tips and same tactics to start earning fast by providing what people search for. I will try to keep the article quick and easy to read, because I know you are eager to start posting shortened links as quick as you can.

     What you need to understand is the nature of this business, if you don’t know it yet take a quick look at this article: How to earn money from my links shortened with a URL Shortener? To summarize it for you, you need to provide such a valuable information, which motivates people to make some clicks and don’t bother to go through some ads in order to get it. Now, what is that information? Well, it is not news or “how to” articles for sure, this content may get you visitors for other kind of monetization. What you need to offer is a content which the visitor needs very much. Let’s go through the most used ways by the publishers!


I saw a lot of publishers which have websites for free download of ebooks. Apparently it is not so free, because they ask the visitors to go through a URL shortener. You can concentrate on the following categories: health, education, business, space, history, hunting, yoga, science and others, but those are the most wanted and searched. You can go to google trends and check what is the trending of particular search phrase. If a particular search query is trending up – start from there. The pros of this content is that there are books which are forever popular and will always have a huge demand also you can get visitors from a pretty important and high tier countries like USA, UK, Canada and Australia. Last but not least you can use a pay per download (PPD) sites where you can upload the ebooks and earn from each download you get. You can use together the URL shortener and the PPD website, so you can earn twice from the same visitor, one time for clicking on the shortened link and one time for the download of the ebook. The cons are the copyright issues and problems you may face.

FAUCET websites (faucets)

Maybe one of the most popular way to get visitors and clicks is to make a faucet website. Basically these websites offer free cryptocurrencies like bitcoin in return of watching some ads and clicking on some buttons to claim the coins. It is not a rocket science, you give people crypto every minute or hour or whatever time interval you choose. Only in these intervals the faucet visitor can clam the coins by clicking some buttons. In the process they are being redirected to a URL shortener, where the visitor is counted and brings you money. After the visitor go through the ad pages of the shortener, he ends up on the faucet website again for their final button click to get the free crypto. Hope you got the idea, if you decide to get into that niche of the online money making, you can go to google and just ask him what is a faucet website and how you can make your own. At some point I will make a simple and easy tutorial for you and will update this article with a link to the tutorial. In the meantime you can use the hundreds of tutorials which are already out there. I don’t want to post links here to avoid being connected with unwanted scammers as those faucet websites are in some cases just a pure scam. However, you may decide to make a legit and trusted faucet website, I hope you do! The pros and cons about faucets are from one hand the ready website scripts, which you can download and install like a wordpress website, you only need a hosting and a domain.  Other advantage is the popularity of faucets last 10 years. As cryptocurrencies gains mainstream attention and adoption in the commerce, so does the niche of faucets websites. Other advantage is once you establish as a legit and trusted faucet, you will earn like crazy! The cons, however, are – costs for hosting, which can go super high, because of the huge load your visitors may generate on your faucet. In order to avoid denial of service you will have to upgrade to faster servers, which will skyrocket your costs. Also the number of faucets, which already exist and fighting for same visitors is super scary. Won’t be an easy task to beat the competitors.

PC programs and CRACKS

Another profitable niche for your links will be a website for programs and cracks for them. Ever since I had internet access I know about these websites. One of them I used like 20 years ago is still online and working just fine. It’s a good idea for content, because every person who owns a computer needs a software for it, it is a matter of quick research to see what kind of software is trending nowadays. Your job is to post some quick info and a download link to the software by using a URL shortener to earn some quick money out of it. The pros are the legit way you can post your links and establish a well known website. The vast majority of PC programs are free for download and use so there is no worry for troubles! Also another advantage is you can use already established websites and forums to post your links, you don’t need to make your own website or pay for such. You can use the free online web2.0 platforms existing out there. Cons are only for the cracks and serial numbers you may choose to offer. I know they can generate ten times more than the free software, but you must be careful, because companies report such websites to the platforms you may decide to use and they may delete your posts or your whole accounts which you were building for a long time. So be careful where you post and how you post links.

APKs for android

Absolute killer idea is to make such a website and use it not only with a URL Shorter, but with PPD website. Also you can use other alternative ad networks like adsense, but you must not violate a copyright product and must have original and unique article for each APK. As you know, APKs are a piece of software for android devices. With the growth of this business basically the PC program users converted into an APK traffic. More and more people are using android devices every year, so think on that. Also advertisers pay more for mobile traffic which is an additional advantage. Of course the cons are the competitors you must fight with. The main categories for APKs are arcade games and apps.

PREMIUM accounts

A lot of smart publishers already found out that premium accounts for paid services online is in great demand nowadays, specially from young people who are not allowed to open accounts there or use some paid features. Such services are the adult websites, services like spotify, netflix, minecraft, napster, disney+ and many others. So you can post files with such accounts anywhere on the web, most used platforms are the big forums. Cons about this is the temporary interest in the links, because there are new links every day and people usually open the newest links. The reason is, because the old links 100% lead to old accounts which are locked by the paid services for violation of their terms. So people know this and look for fresh accounts which are not yet blocked or banned. If you want to use this niche, make sure to offer fresh and working accounts!


This kind of content doesn’t need much of explanation as you most probably used in the past or are using every day. Well, the problem is in the free download nature of these stuff. It brings huge load of visitors, specially the porn movies and clips, but in most cases it violates copyrights of others and you may get into troubles. The most common trouble you may get is the mass deletion of accounts and links connected to a copyrighted work. If you post links to music, movies or games for free download you will get DMCA complains from agents or right owners, google will delete from the search those web pages and in most cases will drop the ranking status of the whole website. Your website may go to the end of the search like a zombie and your time will be wasted. If you, however, decide to get into that niche, prepare to learn from your mistakes experiment a lot. Look what others do and learn from their mistakes also!

TV channels online

Popular website are those who offer free online streams of paid TV channels. Admins of such websites pay for those channels and then provide a free stream to their users. Some of them are using URL shorteners to earn some extra revenue. Also the demand for such services is increasing lately after so many people migrate to other countries, because of war or instability or just to search for better life. All these people are used to their national TV channels and they want to continue watching them from abroad. You don’t need to make a whole website and deal with all the tech part of streams and broadcasting and etc. You can just use popular forums or web2.0 platforms to post links to channels which are already existing. The cons are again the copyright violations you may do.


Last but not least is the sport niche. Remember that these sports have fans, these fans love the game, so they would love to watch again and again a big football match from the past or one played lately. The most popular sports you may use are: Soccer (football in Europe), Cricket (prepare for indian visitors), Hockey, Tennis, Table Tennis, Volleyball, Basketball, Baseball and etc. Just ask google for the most popular sports in the world to see the number of followers each sport has. However, have in mind the countries in which those sport are popular. You can earn from that niche, by providing a link to the download file of a particular sport game. Of course, the advantage is that you can use a PPD website together with an URL shortener and earn from both.

The second most important question is where can you post the links? I will prepare a separate article on that matter and will post here a link to it, so stay tuned! If the article was helpful for you, I would appreciate if you share it on the social networks with your friends. Good luck, friends I will wait for your messages at the facebook page!

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